Monday, June 22, 2009

Romania 2009: The Day Before

At some point in your life you sit down and think about all of those things you would like to do (bungee jump, sky dive, walk the Great Wall of China) or places you would like to visit (African safari, Australian outback, the Caribbean). Sometimes you get the opportunity to cross an item off the list (I have now been to the Caribbean) and sometime you get close but not quite there (I did walk into the Great Wall chinese restaurant in NYC).
There are other times when you know you want to do something different but you're not quite sure what it is until it happens. For years I felt God calling me to do more for Him but I just haven't been so good at listening. I enjoy teaching and studying but have not really found the avenue for that path. I have also realized that I have been extremely blessed and I know that there are millions of people who struggle with their every day existence and even worse their hope lies in this world and not in the hope of eternity with Jesus. As I read the bible I am ever more drawn into the example of Jesus as a servant and wonder why I find it so hard to be a servant.
On June 23rd, 2009 my son, Hunter, and I with 25 other people from our church Harvest Bible Church, head to Romania to a small village called Puciosa about 40 miles northwest of Bucharest (as the crow flies). While there we will run a VBS for the church and will also help them build the second story to the church.
I am still not quite sure about internet connectivity but God willing I will get about 30 mins each night to send a blog so that you can join us in our adventure. Please pray for our whole group as we spend 10 days in Romania.
I now get to cross two items off my list - visit Eastern Europe and go on a missions trip. Somehow I think this is not really crossing off anything but adding so many desires for my future and hopefully it will all be in God's will.

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