Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Romania 2010 - Pre-trip

Departure Day minus 2

Well it has almost been a year since I was last blogging and now with another Romanian missions trip only 2 days away, it is time to start getting back into the blogging frame of mind. This year a group of 18 people will make the trip to Puciosa. Of that group 8 are returning members but 10 are first-time Romanian missionaries including my wife and daughter.

Last year the travel to Romania was relatively uneventful except for the Swine Flu epidemic that had us scrambling in Romania to fill out documents to say we did not have swine flu. At first they didn't have English versions which may have proven to be a little difficult to complete accurately but finally they did produce some English versions. It always amazes me how trusting Security can be at times. How many people who thought they might be sick would actually tell Immigration knowing full well they would end up in quarantine or sent back home? This year we currently have two obstacles in our path already - Volcanic Ash and a British Airways Cabin Crew Strike. Personally it might be better if some of the grumpy older BA Flight Attendants didn't make the trip with us.

The biggest dilemma I have this year is my name. Last year being George Bush seemed to work. I know I don't want to be Barrack Obama because it needs to be someone who has at least a semblance of being Christian and so I may just stay with the name they all know me by. Also with my wife going she wouldn't even have to change her name - George and Barbara Bush.

My last few days before leaving will be spent deep in fasting and prayer as soon as I get through announcing for the Divisional swim meet, teaching at church on Sunday, finishing a project deliverable for work and packing. I'm kind of looking forward to a 10 flight so I can sleep.

Well as I sit here in my dark bedroom typing this blog by the light of the screen just as I did most nights last year in Romania, I thank God for the privilege of being part of this missions trip and cannot wait to see our friends in Puciosa and Fieni. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel again to Romania.

God bless.

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