Wednesday, February 29, 2012

South Africa 2012 - Day Sixteen

Day 16 - Final shopping and Spier Estate

Today Hunter turned 16 and Alex celebrated her birthday as well. I won’t say how old she

was but she is exactly 30 years older than Hunter. This Saturday morning provided some more free time and as though we hadn’t spent enough time shopping we headed down to Cape Town to shop. The main purpose was to find Hunter a ring for his birthday and a South African flag. We had seen a flag shop earlier in our trip and headed back because it had been closed first time. The shop had several small flags and I asked the girl working there if they had any bigger flags. She told me that they didn’t. Now if a shop is called Flag World you would expect to find flags and so I was rather surprised. About 2 minutes later a couple of girls also from the States came into the store and asked the same girl the same question and she gave the same response. I didn’t feel so bad thinking that it may have been my accent over here that was not understood not just in America. But then the guy who worked in the store said they did have some bigger flags and proceeded to show us an array of big flags. So apparently it wasn’t an understanding problem it was an incompetence problem. I have to believe we weren’t the first two people to walk into Flag World and ask if they had flags.

We also shopped at a local craft market where there were a number of very unique products. I think we all walked away with something from the craft market. All of us had a piece of jewelry and Savannah got an African drum. They also had a section where they had a psychic and a card reader. It always amazes that people get sucked into these mystics. If you know anything about psychics is that they are either fakes or if they truly do have spiritual guides these are not good but evil in nature. Hunter walked past as one person was having their cards read and said it was quite comical to see the look on the customer’s face.

After lunch at another iconic South African restaurant called MacDonald's. we headed back to the lodge. Before you wonder any longer, the fries are the same in South Africa as they are in the States but I do have to say that the burger seemed fresher and tastier.

For the evening Pop Pop had booked us in to a restaurant called Moyo at the Spier estate in the Stellenbosch Valley. The drive to Spier took us past Khayelitsha which is the second largest township in Africa with over a million people living there. The tin or wood huts seemed to go on for miles and there wasn’t one pathed road that we could see. I just wondered how long it took to find your hut if you lived in the middle somewhere and it was late at night. We got to Spier a little before our dinner reservation so that

we could visit the cheetah preserve. Rory and Savannah got to go in and pet an adult cheetah. They also have some shops at the estate and that meant more shopping. Dinner was under tents outside with a large buffet. There was also some African music and dancing. Once again we had birthday cake as we officially celebrated Alex and Hunter’s birthdays and also got to sing again to Pop Pop. I think now we had heard Happy Birthday 20 times for 4 people over the two weeks. The majority had been for Pop Pop and his birthday is not officially until March 8.

James 1:2-4 - Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

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