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Romania 2011 Day 4: Puciosa bound

Romania 2011 Day 4

The day started at a more normal time today. The body is finally adapting. Outside ofthe house in the mountains there is a cowwith a big cow bell. Several of the team loved the sound of the bell especially as they woke up in the morning. Izzy in fact is buying one to put on one of her cats.

Not sure the cat will be moving much but he will sound good.

Today we were heading back to Puciosa but first it was breakfast and another lesson.

Don taught today on building on the

foundation of Jesus Christ. As christians we are no longer under the law but because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Don then asked the Romanians what would be sacrificed without Jesus’ death. They all started talking about killing Bo. I made a note to let Bo he better not come back to Romania. I have no idea what he did but they are out for his blood. Actually I think Bo means bull in Romanian but if I was Bo I wouldn’t risk it.

After the lesson we headed down to Bran so that some of the new people could go and see Count Dracula’s castle (which really is not his castle at all but they sure make a lot of money from fooling people). Those that did not go in the castle enjoyed an hour or two shopping for junk, I mean mementos. I think the highlight for those who went in the castle was seeing Monica who apparently is the Anna Nicole Smith in Romania. She is a model who has married a very old wealthy man.

After this we all jumped in the vans for the drive back to Puciosa. We stopped at a gas station to load up on candy and drinks and even found a magazine on which Monica was the cover story. I finally broke down and had my first Mountain Dew of the trip. The ride back to Puciosa is not too long but the road is extremely windy (not as in the wind but with lots of bends). Having spent about an hour snaking through the mountains Hannah was suffering terribly from motion sickness and was asking Izzy just to drown her or break her neck. We had to remind Hannah that this remedy was only used by Izzy for dogs on their last legs. By the time we got to Puciosa Hannah, Michelle and Damien were all feeling a little worse for wear. I think the Mountain Dew protected me. In Puciosa we were reunited with Gretchen and Sue who had spent the last two days partying in Puciosa. They said they were preparing the food menu, the women’s conference and finding a hotel for us but I think that was just a front. Mind you we did have hotel rooms at a brand new hotel so maybe I am wrong.

This next part of the blog can not be seen by the Orthodox church otherwise Katie might not make it back home. As we came down the mountains today their were lots, and I mean lots and lots, of families pulled over on the sides of the roads having picnics and playing in the rivers. It seemed to be a constant occurrence to see someone relieving themselves, men women and children. Katie then asked why they didn’t use the outhouse that she saw on the side of the road. It was then pointed out that this was actually a shrine. Not sure the Orthodox church would be too happy about using the shrines as toilets.

I couldn’t wait too long to mention the dogs. The same rules apply as in all years which

is not to touch the dogs. Savannah doesn’t really touch them, she pets them, hugs them, plays with them. I have to keep checking the vans and her room to make sure she is not harboring any stray dogs. Izzy is a little more discerning and really only has a hard time seeing little puppies all abandoned. Don and I had seen one on the side of the road and although difficult to do we drove on by. Don made the mistake of telling Izzy and she was determined to go and find him. When we drove past the same spot on the way home the puppy wasn’t there and so I tried comforting Izzy by saying that he had found home. She seemed to think his home would have been in a ditch somewhere. Russ did try to comfort her by telling her that this was still a home but it didn’t seem to ease the pain.

Walking through Puciosa brought back memories and even one of the waitresses in one of the restaurants recognized me. Being rather shy I am not sure why she would remember me. You can ask my family how quiet I am when we are in restaurants. It is good to be back in Puciosa and all of us are looking forward to the next week of VBS and the fellowship with churches in Puciosa, Fieni, Vulcana Bai and Varfur.

1 John 1:3 - what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ

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  1. So funny! The part about Shrine toilets had me laughing so hard! Looks like you all are having fun!!! Keep it up! :]