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Romania 2011 Day 5: Church Day

Romania 2011 Day 5

To get on the internet last night I went back to the restaurant to see if I could sit and use their wireless internet. At first we had the usual language barrier problem as I tried to explain what I needed. Every year the owner of the restaurant asks me if I speak German and every year I offer Spanish as the alternative and so between English, Romanian, German and Spanish we don’t have any common language. To help with the problem he said he would call his “doctor”. I tried to think what I could have said that would make him think I need a “doctor”. After a bit a girl turned up and I realized he had actually said“daughter”. Apparently it wasn’t their internet and so the owner said he would take me upstairs. We actually went up to the hotel rooms above the restaurant where we had stayed in previous years and I was able to connect and I didn’t get an examination from any doctor so it was a blessing on all counts.

We woke up to rain today. The good news was that with the rain would come cooler temperatures and for church that is good. When we go into a church service we tend to help fill it to the brim which means it gets hot and stuffy but the colder air wouldhelp mitigate this. Six of us, Izzy, Hannah, Michelle, Kayla, Savannah and I, were going to head to Fieni and the rest stayed in Puciosa.

Before that, we came together for breakfast at the same place we had dinner. I think the restaurant appreciates us coming to town but obviously needs warning. Last night we had drunk them dry of Mountain Dew except for one bottle and so Russ thought it best to finish that off this morning. After a quick breakfast we made our way to the churches.

When we arrived in Fieni we were amazed at ho much the church had changed. The outside was now pretty much complete. The second floor has one functioning room and another section under development. The third floor has walls and floor but cannot be used for anything. The joy of coming back year after year is to see some of the people who have become so dear to us and we enjoyed spending the morning worshipping together and praying together. During the service I gave a lesson and both Izzy and Michelle gave their testimonies. This is one of the joys of being on a Mission trip. You get to hear others’ testimonies and you get to see a new part of these people’s lives.

After the service we split up and three people went to the house of Marian (the pastor). Three people went to Florin’s house. It was the first time I had seen Florin’s house and just like the church, he had built it from the foundation up. All I could think about was how that every time I try and build anything or fix anything at home Barbara has to call someone in after to re-build it or re-fix it.

Florin is truly a special person whose heart is sold out to Jesus. He seems to have done so much and to do so much. He has been a fireman, a pastor, a builder and his new hobby is as a beekeeper. Lunch at the Romanian’s houses usually consists of food grown in their own gardens and it was the same in Fieni. It is hard to explain how much better something as simple as tomatoes taste when they are grown naturally and picked ripe off the vine.

In Puciosa there was a slightly different pattern to the service. I think this is mainly because Nicu makes up his mind to do something about 2 minutes before it happens. Before the service the going in position was that Sorin was going to give a 45 minute sermon. We would do a few songs and then Don would give a 15 minute lesson. Just before the service Nicu asked Russ if he would give his testimony. The service started at 9:30 with a prayer time and then the fun started. Russ was asked not to give his testimony but to do a lesson. The only thing we are told to do is be prepared to give our testimony and for the men to have lesson ready. This was one of those times Russ was glad he had a lesson ready. Sorin did give his 45 minute sermon and Don did a blend between his testimony and a lesson and 3 hours later the service was over. We are going to suggest that Lance adopt this kind of approach to our service at Harvest - it definitely adds some excitement to the service.

In the evening we were back at church and this time it was again Russ’ and my turn to be surprised to give a lesson. Usually we would like more than 30 mins to prepare for a lesson even if we have one initially prepped. I have to say that it seemed as though Russ had been preparing for weeks as his lesson was so smooth. I think I will spend time tomorrow night preparing in case it is sprung on us at the Wednesday night service.

After the service a few went off to Varfur to hand out flyers about the VBS which starts tomorrow. Nothing like good preparation and advertising. Then it was time back together to share food from the new BBQ grill. They had asked us to get the “sturdy” grill not the one on three legs but that had four legs. I really don’t think the number of legs really mattered. This grill was so shaky that if you put more than 5 hamburgers it would collapse under the weight.

There is one thing not quite right with this trip and that is that Chrissie is speaking to Daniella more than we are arranging dinners. We keep getting told where and what time we are having dinner and this is being arranged by Chrissie in Houston. Chrissie - Don has a message for you - next time you are coming or he is turning your phone off because he cannot afford the phone bill.

The first full day in Puciosa is almost over and we are having our end of day meeting at one of the local restaurants. Not sure this restaurant will be a regular. We sat down and the waiter did not even come over for 15 minutes. Well tomorrow we start VBS and we are all expecting something to change.

John10:10 - I come that you may have life and have it abundantly


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