Thursday, July 28, 2011

Romania 2011 Day 9: VBS Ends

Romania 2011 Day 9

Have you ever just sat down and wondered where the time went? I know it is like that a lot of Sundays at Harvest when Lance preaches. I know it takes a few minutes to wake back up again but the time went really quickly :-) The reality set in today that it was our last full day in Pucioasa and for most of the team in two days they will back at home.

Thursday really started no differently than the last couple - devotion, breakfast, and then off to VBS. This morning we did take some time for us to share some of the highlights of our time in Romania. I think most people echoed very similar or at least connected thoughts. The feeling of family with the Romanians, the embarrassment of complaining while we have so much whereas they praise God and smile through their lack of physical possessions and the hardships they go through. It is a genuine feeling of love we have for each other.

All trip Sue has been making sure we are fed and watered and it is such a blessing to not have to think about it. I am sure it has been a thankless job with its fair share of strife but she has done it with a smile and without fail the meals have been delicious. Tomorrow morning she will have a break from organizing food as we are all fending for ourselves.

For the final day of VBS the number of children was about the same although in Varfuri there were a few new kids and the team ended up giving these kids the T-Shirts off their own backs because they had run out.

After lunch back in Pucioasa we were on the road to Vulcana Bai once again (yet another game of live Frogger). The kids in Vulcana Bai are so polite and respectful and they love to join in. When we got to Sister Avi’s home, where the VBS is held, there were about 20 kids already there sitting calmly on a bench. In Pucioasa it is like herding cats the children are so unruly. I did not see this anywhere else but several of the kids in Vulcana had memorized the VBS verse (Matthew 6:21) and they had only had one afternoon to do so.

Tonight we had probably the most emotional time we have had on the trip. Don and others we crying like babies. Russ almost broke a tear but knew when he should start to wrap up. Thankfully I have the English “stiff upper lip”. It was good to hear others on the team share their thoughts from the trip.

A couple of years ago a tradition was started in that at the mid-week service I did a trick for the church. Today was no different but I was really praying I didn’t have to do any fire-eating. I am constantly burping up gas i.e. Romanian gas for cars, and I did not want to add fuel to the fire.

After the service we spent a couple of hours saying good byes and just discussing the relationships we have between the churches and us. It was hard to stop this time because we know tomorrow will be even tougher on the emotions. Dinner was again provided and then it was off to Vienna for relaxation. I think the waitress there will miss us as well. At one point Don and Damien wanted to try the Way of the Master approach on the waitress. With Nicu translating, the questioning started and almost instantaneously the owner decided to put on some very loud and very annoying Romanian music.

It is now just after 1 a.m. and I still have to start packing. We will leave just after lunch tomorrow and another blog will hit the presses some time tomorrow night.

Matthew 6:21 - for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

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