Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Romania 2011 Day 8: Fight through the tired (and the food overload)

Romania 2011 Day 8

It is 12:30 at night and I am just settling down to to the blog. This one may be a little shorter than the prior days but I will try to hit the highlights.

The day started out as usual with devotions and breakfast (everyone being present and awake this morning). The teams set off for their VBS locations. Varfuri held steady at about 30 kids. Fieni and Pucioasa continued to add new kids with Fieni hitting 45 and Pucioasa almost 60. The only real issue today was that some additions in Pucioasa were some unruly boys. Tomorrow Russ and I will step in as enforcers. I might finally get to use my blow dart on a live target instead of a balloon.

After lunch we were all invited to different houses for lunch. One of the problems we have is that often the Romanians arrange for us to go to lunch but they don’t tell us how to get there. Russ and the Varfuri team were supposed to come over to Fieni for lunch with Florin but no-one told Russ where Florin lives. I was also having lunch with Florin but I was with him after VBS. I tried to suggest to them that Russ didn’t know where Florin lived but they insisted he did. Russ headed to the church in Fieni, waited 15 minutes and then figuring they had been uninvited

headed back to Pucioasa. Then they got the call asking why they weren’t at Florin’s house. After another journey back to Fieni everything was finally sorted out.

Today and tomorrow we are doing afternoon VBS in Vulcana Bai. Last year when my family and I did Vulcana Bai we were up the hillside in a field. This year when another team are doing it they built a special shelter right by the house. I am not saying anything but this persecution I am going through is really not called for. Today there were about 30 kids in Vulcana Bai.

When we left Vulcana Bai we were transported from this world into the world of video games. Driving out of Vulcana Bai was like playing Frogger. There were kids from VBS, cows, calves, wagons, bikes, dogs, and other cars all over the road. It took some concentration and driving skill to miss all contact and survive in tact (except for the 2 VBS kids but they should get

better). Then it was on to level 2 with a death defying series of potholes. Tomorrow I will try level 3 as I go back. Here I do the same thing but a lot faster.

As if lunch at a Romanian house wasn't enough to fill any normal human being up for a few days, we then headed off to other people’s houses for dinner. The amount of food they place in front of us is ridiculous. I know I don’t want to be rude and so I eat everything and today I also seemed to be the garbage can as I finished off Savannah and Oana’s leftovers.

Tonight we did our wind down get together at Nicu’s house. Even after the sugar rush of ice cream the team was tired tonight. To the point where personal information was being divulged probably beyond what they would have if they had not been sleep deprived. Someone let us know a nickname that only their father had called them and no-one else knew. The nickname was “Catfish” but I will let this person give the meaning behind it because Don didn’t want it to be blogged :-)

Okay I have to finish now. I have already typed in on two occasions rows of the same letter “k” an “r” because I am falling asleep at the computer.

One final day of VBS to go.

Isaiah 40:31 - Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary

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